September 13, 2007

I went to my class today (this class) and found out that we were assigned our midterm at the previous class.  I missed the previous class due to forgetting all of my books and materials at home, which greatly frustrated me.  It had been a strange week to begin with, considering the car had been vandalized (Entry 7), so my normal, “everyday” schedule had been interrupted.  Typically, at the end of each day, I will drop my books and materials for the next class in my car so I won’t forget them.  However, I had brought everything inside to take inventory of what had and had not been lifted from my car Monday night, and forgot the materials the next day.  So, when I got to class, reached behind the seat and came up empty-handed, I just gave up.  I could have (A) walked into the class completely unprepared, (B) driven home, collected my materials, and then walk back into class 30-45 minutes late, or (C) just go home and be ready next time.  C it was.  All of this was my own fault and choosing, certainly – but in my opinion, a completely understandable mishap.  So, today, I find out my midterm was assigned and it is due in 5 days.  This is where I start to panic.  Normally, it wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, as I had only missed 2 days of writing/research time for the paper, but this particular weekend, I had planned an out of town trip.  In fact, I was leaving directly after school this evening, and was coming back home Monday morning.  Now, this trip isn’t a life-or-death situation, but it was a trip I had invested time and money into, and a trip that had been planned since February.  Not only that but I really needed the break.  Basically, I was not going to change my trip.  Midterm or not, I was still leaving town tonight.  Of course, this meant that I would have only Monday night to work on the paper.  I would be bringing my materials with me but, realistically, there would be no time to work on it.  I felt that I was completely setting myself up for disaster, but I was ready to accept the consequences.  It was my choice, after all.  Although some may consider it to be justifiable, I did not really see the justification in asking for an extension.  Of course, I also did not find justification for giving up a trip that had been planned for 8 months, either.  The funny thing is, though, that throughout the class period, people were constantly objecting to the paper being due so soon, with only a plea that they wanted more time.  Not one person spoke up to say ‘I need more time because…’ only ‘I want more time.’  With the amount of objections, I really expected at least one person to cite a specific reason, but not one person did.  I guess I could have, knowing I would only have hours out of one day to really write my paper, but I really felt my own excuse was a little weak, and had already resigned myself to just toughing it out.  At one point, I really wanted to say “I am leaving after this class and won’t be back until Monday, and only have Monday night to write my paper and I am not asking for more time, so just deal with it!”  That would have not made me any friends, though.  Perhaps, however, it could have put things into perspective for some people.  So, perhaps I should have.  Oh well, maybe another time.

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