October 31, 2007

Halloween is here – a holiday for children, but also an opportunity to partake in silly, childlike events that would otherwise be considered socially unacceptable.  A few days ago, a co-worker asked me if anyone in the office was dressing up for Halloween.  I haven’t given it any thought, but we mused about things we would dress up as.  Of course, as the day came to pass, I did not dress up.  This was mainly because I never really planned on doing so.  I have gotten to the point of choosing to play the adult part that I seem to be.  Second, I honestly didn’t want to be the stand-out at work.  I knew nobody else was dressing up, as we had not come up with a definitive plan amongst us all.  So, aside from the indulgence in a few cookies and candies, the day went by as a normal day…at work, at least.  After work and school, I stopped by a bar for a few drinks, and started to finally see these “adults” come out of the woodwork.  The few people who dressed up appeared to have no real destination – say, a costume party – nor were they handing out candy (as they were at a bar); no, they were simply taking part in a holiday largely meant for children.  I find a little bit of irony in dressing up for Halloween then heading off to a bar – becoming a child once again, then thrusting yourself into an adult atmosphere.  It’s a little strange, honestly.  I also recall, when I was a child, I would dress up as something I wanted to be, or a role model (be it cartoon or real life), such as Super Woman, or a cheerleader, or something scary like a ghost.  You see a much more eclectic mix of costumes when adults decide to participate in Halloween.  There is a witch, a cat, and a waitress at the bar right now.  Funny, though – they aren’t playing the part of witch, cat or waitress.  They are sitting around, otherwise being normal adults – with the exception of the ridiculous get-up.  Another thing that I always remember – part of the fun of dressing up for Halloween as a child – is that you could be anything you wanted to be, and you would throw yourself into that act.  If I dressed up as a witch, I was a witch.  If I dressed as a ghost, I would try to haunt people.  It seems that when the adults do it, they’re merely trying to get attention or stand out.  Why else would you feel the need to dress up like a cat if you didn’t want to be a cat?  Perhaps Halloween allows those certain individuals to break the mold for a day – to get out of the normal routine, but only in the obscure way that Halloween allows.  If that is the case, then what is the point?  I guess there is still that need to be accepted for the most part – to be on the fringe, but just temporarily, and in an appropriate setting. 

A beer maiden just walked in.  I wonder if she will bring me another round?  I won’t hold my breath. 

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