August 27, 2007

I woke up this morning and immediately walked outside to check my mail.  It was Monday morning, 7 o’clock in the morning, and the day after a postal day off.  I knew that my mailbox would be empty, as it was yesterday when the mail did not run, but I also wanted to be as truthful and as accurate as possible when I reported to the school’s administrative office that I have checked my mail every single day and still have yet to receive my parking pass.  As may be implied by the previous statement, I have spent a great amount of time discussing my plight with various members of the administrative office, to the point that we have both, apparently, grown to dislike each other.  In their eyes, I am the student.  I am the complaintant; the unhappy customer.  It appears to be that, according to the collective members of the administrative office, I am dense.  Apparently so to the point that they seem to find it necessary to inform me to check my mail every day, since the parking passes were mailed out a week ago (as of Friday’s call).  In their minds, I am a number; a mindless student who does not warrant her specific situation to be dealt with on a personal level.  I do not warrant the time it takes to actually check to see if my specific pass was mailed out (my name wasn’t even asked, nor any additional identification information).  No, it was best to take the easy route.  Just tell me that all parking passes have been mailed, and I would soon receive mine.  Sure, I could look at on their perspective.  The fact that it is within the first couple of weeks of the school year, and the likelihood that they were dealing with hundreds of these calls every day of the week would probably be the reason everyone receives one blanket statement.  But, wouldn’t it cut those calls down tremendously if the person just took the extra couple of minutes to look up the specific pass to see when it was mailed out, and where it was mailed to?  Perhaps the system isn’t set up with these parameters.  It would still make sense, though, to set up the system in a workable way so as to cut down on the number of calls the school receives, instead of frustrating all of us by telling us the exact same thing every single day.  I know that I am paying enough to be given individual attention when I have an issue.  At least I believe that to be so.

So, when I made the phone call to the administrative office today, I was told that additional parking passes were being mailed out today, and that I should receive it by the end of the week.  When I tried to explain that I would like to have my information confirmed (my address, the mail-out day, etc), I was met with the same response.  Never mind the fact that they could be saving an additional follow-up call or two.  Never mind the fact that I have been told this several times now.  The answer of the day was “check your mail.”  And yes, I was once again reminded to do so.

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