My Laptop has become my TV, and my phone my computer.

Is it wrong to smoke a tiny bowl while watching Intervention?


As I sit here and watch some tv shows of the past on my laptop, I steadily check my emails, FaceBook, and other internet needs.  As I sit here, texting away at emails, writings and friendly coversations, I have realized that I am typing at about half the speed of my normal WPM on the laptop.

Really?  If only I dedicated that time to learn – oh, I don’t know…any other skillset?  I had a bass guitar for 8 years, and could barely play a song.  I have had an old clarinet (something I actually used to know how to actually play pretty well), sitting in storage for about a year, and so many other little hobbies and plans that seemed to fade away into the distance, but I can text like a MoFo.

I guess I can see why it has taken me so long to start developing my interest in writing.

I can just imagine writing a school paper on my phone. Even that is archaic, though.

I need to get a tablet.

It is quite amazing how we can pick up the most intrinsic social and cultural trends without continuing some of the most structurally important traditional roots that we have.  I don’t think more connected makes us more connective.


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